Hi readers, i want to share some tutorials how to create a blog without spending any money :D

I know we don’t like to spending our money to buy some shit like this hahaha, so this is the best solution for you that want to have a free blog. However, free doesn’t mean easy to do :)

You need to have some coding skills to create something like this. But don’t worry, i’ll teach you how to do.


  • Ruby Gems
  • Jekyll
  • Bundler

How to

First, install Jekyll and Bundler using ruby gems:

<code>gem install jekyll bundler

Second, create new project named blog:

<code>jekyll new blog

You can create or edit a new post on _posts folder and edit your configuration on _config.yml file.

Third, install github-pages:

Create a file called Gemfile and paste this into the file:

<code>source 'https://rubygems.org'
gem 'github-pages', group:jekyll_plugins

After that, execute this command:

<code>bundle install

Now, we have to compile and serve:

<code>bundle exec jekyll serve

Default URL is set to https://localhost:4000/ in development.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your blog :)

Now, you have to upload to your github repositories. Create a repository named username.github.io and upload your blog folder using git remote or something else.